Survive. Drive. Win.

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Survive. Drive. Win.
The Inside Story of Brawn GP and Jenson Button's Incredible F1 Championship Win

Engelstalig | 288 pagina's | hardcover

The story of Brawn GP is legendary. Imagine sitting at home at Christmas thinking you were out of a job, then by next Christmas you were a World Champion. This is F1's Leicester City story - it's every bit as exciting and magical. Author: Damon Hill

It is refreshing for a book to be written about a sport as exciting as Formula One which covers the enormous amount of work that happens behind the scenes to bring two cars to the grid. Until now I had not seen this in a book about our sport. Author: Sir Jackie Stewart

Nick Fry and Ed Gorman take us behind the mysterious and tightly closed doors of F1 to tell the remarkable story of the 2009 season, through the eyes of someone at the centre of the action. Author: Martin Brundle

Fascinating detail covering efforts behind the scenes to keep Brawn GP alive and on course for their extraordinary World Championship. Nick Fry gives a refreshingly honest and, at times, self-deprecating account. Reporting from the sidelines, it's clear we only knew half the story... Author: Maurice Hamilton, award-winning motor-sport writer and broadcaster

This book portrays all that is good about Britain. The very best talent in motor sport, excellent designers, engineers and sound business leaders who kept their heads in a crisis... and then went on to win a World Championship against all the odds in the most ruthlessly competitive sport there is. A truly inspiring story. Author: Lord Digby Jones, Former Director General of the CBI and former Minister of State for UK Trade & Investment
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