1979 Jan Lammers | Belgium GP

1/43 Spark Models (special)

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1/43 Minichamps (resin)

1993 Ayrton Senna

1/18 GP Replicas

1978 Mario Andretti

1/18 GP Replicas

Formula 1 1:43 (Spark)

1966 Jo Bonnier | British GP
1966 Jo Bonnier | British GP
Aangekondigd, leverdatum onbekend
1966 Jo Bonnier
Brabham BT7
British GP

Scale 1/43
Produced by Spark Models

Spark S5248

His Cooper Maserati still unrepaired after the crash due to the deluge during the first lap of the Belgian GP, Jo Bonnier entered his Brabham BT7 for the British GP, images, of this car and race like those of all the European events of the championship, were incorporated in the film Grand Prix, directed by John Frankenheimer. The absence of the Ferraris caused by a strike in Italy, led the director to ask the Swedish driver to put on a metallic gray helmet with a black visor, and to paint his car in a red with dummy white exhaust pipes to accentuate the resemblance to Lorenzo Bandini’s car. The second fictitious Ferrari in this race was Mike Spence's Lotus 25 which, similarly painted (S1853), took on the appearance of Mike Parkes's 312.

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€ 64,95
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